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ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the official app for the popular video conference service. It allows for conducting work meetings, classes, parties, and simple talks. You can download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for free and enjoy its features even without a subscription!

Design 5/5

ZOOM app will take a little time to figure out because it doesn’t expose its control elements. On mobile devices, it requires swipes to switch from the basic view to the conference where you see all the participants and can adjust sounds and switch video streams. On computers, phones, or tablets, it makes the most use of the available screen space, showing you chats or previews of the speakers on video. In Drive mode on mobiles, it lets you speak safely and mute the conversation when necessary.

Usability 5/5

Both on mobiles and desktops or laptops, ZOOM lets you see all the active speakers. When someone starts to speak, the system detects the voice and shows the speaker to the rest of the audience. To avoid confusion, the host can control guests’ microphones remotely. To view all the speakers, you need to swipe left, or to enter the tab with the list. You’ll be able to see a number of previews on one screen.

The chat is also an integral part of the conference. Within one chat, you can send both public and private messages to any participant. It also allows for file sharing. It’s quite easy to switch between the chat and the video. As for video and audio quality, it’s among the best. ZOOM processes the streams on its servers and lets users connect via 5G/4G, Wi-Fi, or even 3G.

Features 5/5

Along with conferences in real time, ZOOM lets admins record them to the cloud, along with chat logs. Thus, the conference can be protocoled and shared with non-participants (though its ethical aspects are at least doubtable). Through ZOOM you can also share files from your devices or from cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Finally, it’s compatible with H.323/SIP room systems as well as with mobiles and desktops.

In-app Purchases 5/5

ZOOM free version allows you to arrange conferences with up to 100 participants, up to 40 minutes long. It’s enough for a school class, but hardly for a large meeting. The basic subscription for $14.99/month extends these limits to 24 hours, adds admin control features, 1 GB for cloud recording, a scheduler, and other features. There are also more expensive plans for medium and large enterprises.


ZOOM Cloud Meeting would have been a perfect solution if not for its security and privacy issues. On one hand, vandals can enter meetings by the links. On the other, the ZOOM’s way of treating employees’ privacy was doubtable, given its tattletale features and cloud records available to its nonparticipants. Will ZOOM Cloud Meetings review this policy as it promised in the blog? Let’s hope so.


  • Available for most platforms, including web version;
  • Advanced chat features;
  • Allows for sending files and notes;
  • Built-in cloud recorder;
  • Flexible subscription options.


  • Scandals with the privacy policy;
  • The free session is only up to 40 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Despite all the scandals, ZOOM Cloud Meetings is still a perfect platform for friendly communication and quite an option for business. Download Zoom and see it yourself!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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