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Messenger has become much more than one of Facebook’s service. Millions of people use it as a separate messaging app. You don’t have to open your Facebook account if you want to send a message or arrange a video call with your friends. People who are not your Facebook friends can exchange messages with you or send you attachments, which makes it another place for business conversations. Messenger is a free app and doesn’t take much space on your phone.


Messenger has standard white and blue colors on its background, which identifies it as a part of Facebook social media. These colors do not bother you at all, and after a while, you stop noticing them. Messenger has a user-friendly interface. It is not hard to use it and you don’t even need a tutorial. Instead, you can completely concentrate on the conversation. The search bar is above the list of people with whom you recently had conversations. In the bar below the conversation, you can find tools for making your photo, sending pictures or attachments, creating a voice message. You can also express your emotions by picking unique stickers or emojis.


This app has a wide variety of useful features. It is more than the average chat box. You can speak with one person or gather a group of people. The most beloved Messenger’s features:

  • Sending free messages. Basically, it is still messaging service no matter how many other cool extensions it provides. All you need to do is enter the Messenger with your Facebook login and password. Check your internet connection and save your money by sending messages via the app.
  • Dozens of great stickers to show your current mood to your friends. The app remembers your favorite so you don’t have to search for it. But if you want to try something else, choose emotion or type something specific in a search bar of stickers.
  • Share videos or photos with your mates. You can share it in your Stories as well. Once you made a photo in Messenger, add one of the amazing filters.
  • Organize the group. It may be a temporary chat group where all of you will discuss details on the upcoming trip or just a bunch of friends who will talk about everything that happens during the day. This way you can stay connected to your family who lives in another place.


While the app has received few extensions during the last year, its usability has not changed much. So if you had experienced in using Facebook Messenger you will not have any problems with the app. It seems like this app has buttons for every case, and still manage to place them in a close view. You don’t have to search hard for something, all icons can be perfectly understood. You can practice your knowledge with your friends.

The Messenger is considered to be one of the most popular free messengers. It has lots to offer and is compatible with Whatsapp or Snapchat or even Skype. Messenger took care of your wish to express yourself in a creative way by adding new stickers and filters.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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