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Jitsi Meet is a free open-source program for videoconferencing, supported by the company 8x8. It provides high data security, great quality of sound and video, and customization. The application may be integrated with such popular services as Slack, Google Calendar, and Office 365. In one conference there can be up to 75 participants, so it's possible not only to chat with friends and family members but also to hold virtual meetings with colleagues.

Main Features of the App

First of all, you don't have to download the application on the PC and sign up. You'll just need to open the official site and get down to work. It’s enough just to come up with a name for your channel and a good password if you don’t want to make the conference accessible to everyone.

If it's necessary to use Jitsi Meet on the mobile phone, just install the official app on your device. Note that it's available both on iOS and Android devices.

Also, it's possible to demonstrate active desktop and show presentations. If you have got subscribers on YouTube, you'll be able to broadcast the conference there. Also, it's possible to record this stream and save it in Dropbox.

There's an available built-in filter that blurs the background. So, if you don't have time to clean up, it's possible to use this function. No one will know about the mess in your room. I like that there's a special function of "raising hand". It's really useful in lectures and conferences with many people. You just have to press a special button, so it will be a sign that you want to say something next.

High Security

I suppose that the most important thing in using the service for videoconferencing is high security. Jitsi Meet focuses on this parameter: all traffic is encrypted, and you do not even need to register on the site.

You can select any name for the chat room and set a password on it: this will reduce the chance of random people invading the conversation. Chat content disappears when the last participant leaves the virtual room. It's good: there are no traces left.

Also, there is used end-to-end encryption, so there will be established peer-to-peer connection in one-on-one calls. If there are more than two users, all calls will be routed through the Videobridge server. Want to provide even more security? No problems. You can make your own Jitsi Meet video call server and take complete control over who gets access to it. Applications have settings fields in which your users can easily enter the URL of your own server or any other Jitsi Meet server that you want to use


  • Free;
  • Doesn't require installation on PC;
  • Has got open source code;
  • There may be up to 75 participants.


  • There are not many options for the owners of the rooms;
  • The app should be installed on phones.


All in all, Jitsi Meet is a perfect variant for those who don't want to spend money on services for videoconferencing. It provides high security and many useful functions. Anyway, I'd like to see there more options for moderators.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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