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Granny is an adventure game in the genre of indie horror. It was released on November 20, 2018, in Steam. Now you can download the game for Windows for a small fee. The developers also created a mobile version of the game in 2018. 

Granny's system requirements allow you to play steadily even on computers of the past generation. 4 gigabytes of RAM and Intel Core i5 processor is enough to get 30 FPS. 

Users have appreciated this game despite the outdated graphics and other shortcomings. 

Visuals 2 / 5

In Granny horror game graphics are outdated. Characters and locations are not detailed, and textures have rough square shape. Therefore, you should not count on high-quality visual design. The developers made a slope on the plot and atmosphere, not paying due attention to textures, shadows, and detail. Due to low graphics level Granny game stably works even on weak PCs. 

Gameplay 5 / 5

The gameplay of Granny is diverse and fascinating. The main character has 5 days to get out of the evil old woman's scary house. Terrible grandma is like a monster moving around the house looking for the main character. In the story, you need to find the key and get out of the house without dying more than 5 times. This is a stealth-style game where you have to be quiet and tidy. Any noise in the location attracts the monster and makes it run away or hide. The developers paid a lot of attention to details. For example, some doors squeak, and light objects fall to the floor if they are accidentally hit. 

Controls 3 / 5 

Managing Granny's full game is complicated and inconvenient in some places. The hardest part is playing on mobile devices with the touch screen. Since there are a lot of small details on the locations. And often you need to control very precisely for the high speed of the main character's movement. The most convenient way to move is to use a keyboard and a computer mouse. 

Worth Replaying? 3 / 5

In the latest version of Granny, the gameplay is more diverse. But that means that you will enjoy playing the game again and again for several months. The plot is the same all the time. The protagonist has to get out of the house of a terrible monster grandmother in five lives. Interest is added only by interactive elements and a variety of behavior of the artificial intelligence of the enemy. 


You can't download Granny's game for free. To access the full version of the game, you will need to pay for it in Steam or another service. But it's an interesting indie horror adventure for fun. 


  • Interesting gameplay
  • A fascinating atmosphere of horror
  • Interaction with objects on location


  • Bad graphics
  • Insufficient convenient management  
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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