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GTA V is an open-world action game, which came out in 2013. The game is developed by RockStarGame and is the sequel of the famous GTA series for consoles and PC. GTA V is very popular nowadays, even though it was released in 2013. It pleases players with actual graphics and a story that may have three various epilogues.

Choose your destiny

Grand Theft Auto V allows you to switch between three protagonists – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. The action takes place in Los-Santos, a city that never existed in reality, but San Andreas state has much in common with California. The main concept of the game is to prepare your characters for the greatest bank robbery, which will bring them $200 million. You are to complete various missions. Girls, cars, guns are waiting for you in GTA V.

Be creative

Grand Theft Auto V offers an almost unlimited set of features and opportunities. Here you can live the life of a thug who runs towards his goals. You can drive cars, kill your rivals (and cops if they get in your way), and do many other things that a bad guy does.

You need to make your imagination working at full power as some missions require not only shooting and driving but also some logic and brain skills. There are plenty of things to do there, and the gameplay process may take weeks and months. If you are tired of missions for a while, you can just walk around and do whatever you want. Grand Theft Auto gameplay offers unlimited opportunities to gamers.

What does the picture look like?

The graphics are great here, but you shouldn’t forget that that game was released in 2013, and some aspects may look outdated currently. Anyway, we have almost no doubts you will enjoy the landscapes as well as the appearance of all NPCs, cars, buildings, etc. Pay attention to the GTA V system requirements to be able to benefit from all graphic opportunities of the game.

GTA V controls

You can use both keyboard/mouse (if you are playing on PC) or gamepad (if you prefer PS or Xbox). By the way, even PC gamers may enjoy using gamepads. The only thing you need is to buy it and plug it into your PC. You can set up your preferable controls or use the default settings.


  • Unlimited gameplay opportunities.
  • The story has three scenarios.
  • You can play GTA V online.
  • GTA V is compatible with all popular platforms.
  • Various types of controls.
  • Multiple settings choice.


  • To experience graphics to the fullest, you’ll need a new device.


Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to dive into the thug life. The game is really great, and you will replay it many times. You can download GTA V from the official Rockstar Games website.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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