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The greatest thing about Amazon Alexa is its integration with an incredible variety of smart home devices and more. Alexa mobile app makes it unnecessary to buy an Amazon Fire tablet or a speaker to control it. Just install the app, and Alexa is here for you. Continue reading this Amazon Alexa review to find whether you need it or not.

Design and Usability 8/10

It will take you some time to set it up the way you like it, to configure smart home devices, to connect third-party apps, to find the best communication mode, and so on. But after you’re done, the magic starts. Like a sultan with his personal genie, you can have things done by a single word. The design is quite logical, but with voice commands enabled you won’t have to mind the design at all.

Key Functions 10/10

All you need to do to start using Alexa is to authorize and confirm it’s you. Then give it necessary permissions, like reading your contacts, or recording audios. Finally, speak some typical phrases provided, so the app profiles your voice. Then Alexa is ready.

With it, you can use your home devices from your phone. Select the media, and then specify what you want it to be played on. The app is also the dashboard for your smart home: it can control all the Alexa-enabled devices.

It becomes a dashboard for everything as you give it permissions. Alexa can make calls on Skype, tell you the current weather or forecast for any custom location, or connect other Alexa-enabled devices bound to your account, in order to intercommunicate. Calls, messages, drop-ins and announces are supported. It sounds so family. A great way to talk to your parents, spouse, or kids, when everybody’s in their rooms.

Security & App Purchases 7/10

Though Alexa as a service is free, it may drag you into spending a lot to enjoy all its features. Want to play music on the speaker in the next room? First purchase an Amazon Echo (or another speaker, say, by Sonos or Bose). And then subscribe, as the app requires Amazon Music to play it. Of course, you can connect other apps, but hardly will you get this level of interaction with third-party services as across ones by Amazon.

Your data, from your voice samples to shopping logs, is encrypted and stored on Amazon services. There is no reason to mistrust Amazon (like those provided by Facebook or especially TikTok), but it’s still a reason to protect your password as much as you can.


Alexa is a powerful, probably the strongest voice assistant for today – at least, so they say. But so it happened that it takes a whole park of smart devices to appreciate how powerful it is. If you are a fan, you already have it installed, I guess. And if not, you better get a sensor or a smart bulb first, and optionally an Echo speaker, and then download Amazon Alexa and realize that the app is necessary to handle these.  


  • Access to Amazon services and more;
  • Control of smart devices from your phone or tablet;
  • No need to buy a dedicated device by Amazon;
  • Intercommunication across devices on one account;
  • Voice profiling cuts off strangers’ commands.


  • Takes some fiddling with initial adjustments;
  • It may talk you into buying more smart home devices and services.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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